Belalco awarded with Gold in Cannes


For over 118 years Belalco has been producing top quality products. This quality is confirmed by the trust of consumers who love Belalco vodka for its softness and drinkability, special aroma and taste.

Belalco took part in the International Tasting Competition UNITED VODKA in May in Cannes, France and was able to get the greatest number of quality and design awards seven of them altogether.

Brest Distillery Belalco presented such products as vodkas "Czar`s Meadow Imperial, Silver Probe, liquor Amante cranberries, " Balsam Kraeutermeister", and bitter tincture "Brest Zubrovka". All samples exhibited won the highest awards: 5 gold medals, crystal star for the best packaging design of "Czar`s Meadow Imperial " and a special personal reward to Lyudmila Marchuk, chief technologist, for professional achievements."

What is behind the success of the product and the company as a whole?

First, the hard work of technologists, laboratory specialists, marketers, and many other professionals to create a new product.
Second, the use of high-quality alcohol, artesian water, only natural supplements and herbs of Bialowieza Forest.
Third, following new trends in technology, as well as, in product design. Belalco permanently monitors new trends in the production of alcoholic beverages. Being not to afraid of different experiments, looking for new performances of bottles, labels allows the company to create a final product worthy of the highest awards which prove and confirm the quality of Belalco products.

We participate in various tasting competitions to confirm the high quality of our products. And such high recognition in Cannes confirms that Belalco products can conquer new global markets and be proud of the results.

Our quality is your property!

New Flavored "Bear`s Ravine"


We are glad to present two new vodkas in the line of Bear`s Ravine.

These are "Bear`s Ravine with raspberriy and Bear`s Ravine with juniper.

Natural ingredients, artesian water from Belalco`s own well, grain alcohol from Belalco distilleries, professionalism of the technologists, unusual ingredients , modern design and the result is a new product on the shelf.

Vodka "Bear Ravine" revives the forgotten traditions of Polish kings and Lithuanian princes.

elowiezaza Forest is famous for its bisons, old Belarusian forests. In ancient times it was the exclusive hunting ground of Polish king, Lithuanian princess and Russian tsars . And bears were the main trophies in Czars Meadow, a place where hunters laid out their prey. Today bears can be seen only in cages. But bear trails and fields are still preserved in the Bialowieza Forest.

Brest Distillery "Belalco" gives a sense of freedom, the power of nature of the Bialowieza Forest, the smell of pine forest and rich aroma of fresh raspberries.


New "Wild Duck Classic"


Brest Distillery Belalco has produced one more kind of the Wild Duck. The most popular vodka is now available in four versions: "Wild Duck, Wild Duck VIP, "Wild Duck Pushchanskaya", and now a new one - "Wild Duck Classic".

Wild Duck Classic vodka is a unique product created from high-quality purified alcohol and softened water.

This drink is based on the alcohol herbal infusion of oregano that gives greater softness and drinkability to this new product.
Oregano has many benefits. It can reduce pain and inflammation and can fight off infection. It also can boost the immune system.


Belalco at WorldFood Uzbekistan 2016


Brest Distillery "Belalco" took part in the 16th International Exhibition WorldFood Uzbekistan 2016 at the Uzexpocentre in Tashkent,in March 2016. At the exhibition, a total area of which is 90 thousand sq. m., products of food and agriculture industry were presented. About 300 000 people visited the exhibition including representatives of business circles. More than 100 manufacturers and sellers from 27 countries gathered in the capital of Uzbekistan.

During the exhibition our company held a series of meetings and negotiations with wholesalers about the better conditions and terms of supplying Belalco products on the market of Uzbekistan. What is more, there were visited production facilities and analyzed Uzbek retail stores.

We are glad to note the high level of interest in the Belalco alcohol. We hope that after the negotiations and discussions all business issues, products "Belalco" will appear in this region. Particular interest was shown to such brands as Imperial Meadow", "Nalyvaika", "Wild Duck", "Glubina", "Golden Bison".


RyeVodka Rye a genuine vodka of Brest Distillery Company Belalco. It is produced under original technology on the basis of high-quality grain alcohol and mild artesian softened water. The vodka has a crystal glistening, neutral aroma and soft taste, giving it distinctive qualities.

Pure Spirit and Water of Life


Water of life and dead water exists not only in fairytales,but on the factories that produce alcohol. Dead water is tasteless . Water of life on the other hand ...

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