"MEN`S CLUB. Noblesse oblige.


BELALCO presents its new brand - MEN'S CLUB.

This product was created exclusively for export. Lately the product has been exported to Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Vietnam. Focusing on the success of the product abroad, MEN'S CLUB appeared on the shelves of stores in Belarus in early 2014 .

MEN'S CLUB is available in three versions:

- Stylish blue, imbued with the spirit of sea travel and air travel, confidence and brutality - a classic MEN'S CLUB Standart Special;
- Royal red - the color of luxury, high grade and perfect quality - it`s MEN'S CLUB Premium Reserve. The drink includes infusion of white bread, which softens the drink and makes it exceptionally flavored;
- Noble green - the color of purity, energy and vitality - it`s MEN'S CLUB Super Exclusive. This drink includes the infusion of linden flowers that softens the taste of the product.

"MEN`S CLUB" is spectacular premiere.


11-th International Beverage Tasting Competition "International Competition of Drinks" was held on March 26, 2014.

According to the results of the 11the "International Competition of Drinks", OJSC Brest Distillery" BELALCO " won the gold medal for the novelty of this year vodka Men's Club.

Also the special nomination went to the premium class vodka "Depth" , which was given for the best design, corporate identity and the original name of the product.

BELALCO & Yalta. Golden Griffin


"Brest Distillery "Belalco" has collected the maximum awards at the the international contest "Yalta. Golden Gryphon 2013 in Ukraine.

This year our company has once again received international recognition as all of the samples have been awarded: balm Kräutermeister. Master of herbs won the gold medal, vodka Brest-Litovsk the silver medal, and bitter tincture Brest Zubrovka was marked with Grand Prix Cup. All of the above nominees are sold not only on the market of the Republic of Belarus, but also abroad.

"Yalta. Golden Griffin "is considered one of the most prestigious and impartial competition. In 2013 the competition was attended by 55 companies from 7 countries (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Georgia). In the contest were submitted 223 samples of products. And only 13 of them were awarded the Grand Prix Cup.

Belalko: The Time For New Ideas


This year has been a very successful one for the Brest distillery factory. It takes a lot of medals at the most prestigious exhibitions . The last one was 20-th anniversary international exhibition Wine-Vodka 2013,which took place in may of this year in Sochi . All the specimen products that were exhibited to be evaluated by the tasters got the highest grades at the contest. All six drinks produced at the Brest distillery were awarded gold medals for their great quality. Those are 9 kisses, Bear ravine,lime tree with honey, Master of the herbs, Wild duck VIP, Khlebnikov classic and Richman luxury. On top of that ,awards for the originality of the design of the drinks. Connoisseurs of those products confirm that the drinks are a great choice!
It is really interesting that new launched products were exhibited to be evaluated by the judges. All the award winning products have been produced for not more than three years. That period of time was staff shaping time for the factory,as the head of the factory Alexander Romanovskiy calls it a composition of experience and new ideas:the core of the professionals joined people with new and creative ideas.That led to very fast results : a new and a very interesting product line plus very professional promotion with traditionally good quality let Belalkogot back on track and won customers love and appreciation. Last anniversary year for our distillery turned out ot be a very successful one. Due to its achievements it was the only Belarusian factory ,which was awarded governments prize and the prize of the Brest region executive committee in the field of quality and three products won in the contest the Best Belarusian Products
Nowadays Belalko holds a very strong position on the market, which has been corroborated by the recent national contest GUST. The judges of that contest are the professionals of the ration industry and the status of the main organizer Belarusian institute for standardization and certification underlines the importance and elitism of the awards. So, two of the products in that contest became winners Khlebnikov Merchants and Master of herbs .By the way, those two products are complete opposites. Classical liberal Russian merchants and traditional reserved German perfectionism. The merchant Khlebnikov with his outgoing nature and Master of herbs that represents thoroughly picked bouquet. A party hard merchant Khlebnikov versus sir herbalist who is very reserved. However such a multi-faceted line of the products gives customers a choice and satisfies everybodys needs.
Assortment list of the Belalko products includes more than one hundred different items and more and more are added every year. They have understood long ago that simply being stable is not going to cut it out. Our life demands new approaches, new ideas and new solutions. Well Belalko seems to succeed in it.


Khlebnikov khrustalnayaVodka "Khlebnikov kupecheskaya" is a highly-qualified product created according to the unique formula developed by our specialists. Thanks to thoroughly chosen ingredients vodka possesses especially refined and dainty taste. visit: www.hlebnikov.by

Pure Spirit and Water of Life


Water of life and dead water exists not only in fairytales,but on the factories that produce alcohol. Dead water is tasteless . Water of life on the other hand ...


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