Nalivai-ka Dachnaya

Trademark “Nalivai-ka” is a newcomer of “Belalko. Vodka of "economy segment" is prepared in the best traditions of production of vodka. Natural extracts of various cereals – wheat, rye, barley are a part of vodka.

Life goes forward. Over time goods and services change, a person always wants something brand new.

"Nalivai-ka" design is performed in a farm style of a popular vodka. Vodka which with pleasure you will put on a table after a hard day to relax a bit, on a holiday table to take one - two shot glasses with a guest or to drink a liqueur glass during a good dinner.

Vodka “Nalivai-ka Dachnaya” – is a sample of classical vodka. It is prepared on the basis of classical technology with the use of high-quality grain alcohol “Luks”, and prepared in a special way water from an artesian well. Thanks to it vodka has a classical vodka aroma and soft taste. The prepared deep-well water from own well, grain alcohol “Luks”, wheat extract are parts of this vodka.

500 ml.
40 % ABV

Awards and diplomas

Золотая медаль и диплом

18 дегустационного конкурса на международной ярмарке "ПРОДЭКСПО" за водку "Наливай-ка дачная"

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