A partner from New Zealand


Today we are meeting a distant but a very pleasant guest. A partner from New Zealand has come to us. Today we have stable monthly deliveries to a far-away New Zealand. Cargo goes there for almost two months. No wonder that the shortest distance from Brest to Auckland is 17 000 kilometres. Brestskaya vodka is sold there all-the-year-round. Vodka SSSR lux, the bitter tincture Brestskaya Zubrovka, vodka Wild duck and Men's club are among the popular products.

It began in 2000, when we had got the first request to put 1 pallet (40 boxes of vodkas) to the container with Santa products. The second astonishment is that Santa continues to deliver their products nowadays. The orders are increasing constantly . The small company turned into a large participator of the New Zealand market. The company delivers our products for all trade networks of the country and also has its own network. We believe that the visit of our distant partner not only will strengthen our cooperative relationship, but as well will increase deliveries. We plan to show our partner the factory, present new products, discuss the question about creating a new products` line for the New Zealand market.

Brest balm with european taste-"Krautermeister" balm


This drink with the unpronounceable name (which literally translates as the master of herbs or herbalist) - the third in a row of balms at Brest Distillery "Belalco.

Unlike their predecessors balm Krautermeister will play on your receptors a very different tune. Notes of ginger and cinnamon are dominated in this beverage- unexpected but very pleasant sour-sweet combination. Background of the creation of this balm is very interesting. Knowing the quality of our balms, one German company contacted to our firm to create a balm for the German market. A German sommelier helped to create this product and often came to the factory, made a lot of adjustments in the composition. Thanks to him there are notes of ginger, cinnamon and mint in this composition. Firstly, we planned to name the product "Balsam 33, because we needed to achieve the necessary harmony and taste and aroma after having namely 33 attempts. But we changed it later to "Krautermeister". On the one hand, it is a remander to the German name and European tone in it, on the other hand all Belalco balms are extractive and include many components, fruits, herbs, berries. And the name is translated as: master of herbs, herbalist.

This balm came to taste of the Belarusian buyer, and it means a lot. Belarus is famous for its high- quality range of balms and has a great variety of them on shop shelves. Try this wonderful drink: you should drink it in small quantities, you can add it into tea or coffee. The balm "Krautermeister" is not just delicious, but also very healthful.

Professional holidays are always merry!


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Vodka Vodka "Belarus sineokaya" in souvenir ceramic bottle. Vodka "Belarus Sineokaya" is a classic, soft drink with a clean taste of the traditional Belarusian vodka.

Pure Spirit and Water of Life


Water of life and dead water exists not only in fairytales,but on the factories that produce alcohol. Dead water is tasteless . Water of life on the other hand ...


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